For Journalists

You’re on deadline. You need sources. We connect you to credible, articulate scientists. On deadline. For free.

SciLine understands the demands faced by reporters covering science-related stories: Research findings are complex, misinformation is ubiquitous, and accelerated deadlines can make thorough fact checking a luxury. These challenges are especially daunting for journalists called upon to produce stories about health, medicine, or science who are not beat reporters and may not have deep science backgrounds or robust networks of credible experts.

As a journalist, your reputation is on the line every day. SciLine is here to help when you need it, completely free of charge. We are a one-stop shop where you can quickly get connected to a source with impeccable scientific credentials, the right expertise, and ability to explain the science and its implications clearly.

How SciLine Connects Journalists to Scientists

  1. You submit an online request via our web form, stating your deadline and the expertise you need.
  2. We search our source database and contact the best-matching experts to confirm their availability.
  3. We get back to you quickly with names and contact information for the most appropriate sources, so you can reach out directly.

Additional Reasons to Register with SciLine

Even if you don’t have an immediate need for an expert, registering with SciLine helps us alert you when we post new versions of our reliable, evidence-based, plain-language Fact Sheets that get you up to speed on key areas of scientific newsworthiness, as well as contextual comments on breaking news provided by scientific experts.