You're an expert. You know the evidence. We connect you to journalists who want to get the science right.

SciLine is dedicated to the proposition that both scientists and the public can benefit from a system that connects deeply knowledgeable and articulate scientists with reporters and other communicators who have the potential to amplify the power of evidence.

By facilitating contact with credentialed reporters and other committed communications professionals—whether they serve national, regional, or local audiences—and by providing supplementary materials that offer scientific context, SciLine helps ensure that scientific principles and evidence are conveyed accurately and in proper perspective.

How SciLine Connects Scientists and Journalists

  1. You register for free; we follow up to get a few additional details, including your specific areas of scientific expertise and communications experience.
  2. We contact you with relevant reporter inquiries. If you agree to take the interview, we share your contact information with the reporter for follow up.
  3. We never publicly list your information and always strive to reach you first to confirm availability.

Additional Reasons to Register with SciLine

SciLine is committed to helping scientists enhance their communications skills through in-person and online training programs and modules. SciLine also reaches out to experts to contribute to or review SciLine Fact Sheets, which are designed to be easily used by reporters on deadline. By registering with us as an expert source, you can stay informed about future communication training and Fact Sheet review opportunities.