COVID-19: Cases and deaths by county and state

This infographic tallies COVID-19 cases and deaths in the United States, with options to view state by state and county by county. These data come from The New York Times and are updated daily. For questions about the data presented in this infographic please refer to the New York Times’ explanation of the data, here.

Journalists: you are welcome to use this graphic in your reporting and embed it in your publication.

How to use this graphic:

To tailor the infographic to your local audience, select your state and county, and the date range you would like to display.

To embed the infographic on your news website:

  • Click the share button at the bottom of the infographic (the three dots) and copy the embed code for use on your site (select ‘current view’ if you would like to keep your selected state, county, and date range for your embed. Select ‘original view’ if you would like to embed the original version that includes all states and dates, without filters.)
  • Note: If you embed the infographic, it will auto-update daily when the data are refreshed by the New York Times. Please contact with any questions.
  • Alternatively, you can click the download button and save the infographic as a static image for upload and use in your reporting.
  • Note: You can repeatedly click the “-“ button to the left of the date axis, to make the bar chart show cumulative totals in increasingly larger date spans (Week, Month).
  • Please credit The New York Times as the data source. If you wish, you may also credit SciLine for the design of the infographic.

UPDATE 6/16/2020: The infographic previously published on this site, which is visible here, relied on a data connection to Johns Hopkins University, which was deprecated on 6/5/2020. That graphic will remain live and available, but is no longer being updated.

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