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As a scientist, you have the topical expertise and insights that can help journalists understand the latest evidence and put it into context. SciLine offers a variety of pathways to interact with and support journalists covering science-related topics. And if you’re interested in getting more practice, we are also here to help you improve your media-communication skills.

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Why you should get involved

Journalists depend on experts to provide the public with the latest findings in science and with context for how that science affects people’s lives.

SciLine can help you build connections with journalists who cover your area of expertise to expand the reach of your research and insights.

We offer tips and training to help you communicate more effectively with the media and to provide opportunities to practice and improve those skills.

Sharing your scientific expertise with reporters is a form of public service, helping to ground news stories in evidence and making them more informative and salient.

Amplifying diverse voices

SciLine strives to increase the diversity of scientific voices, stories, and perspectives featured in the news. We encourage experts from across all disciplines of science and a variety of backgrounds — including gender identity, race and ethnicity, geographic location, level of postgraduate seniority, and other factors – to engage with the media by working with SciLine.

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What people are saying

“I thought that my comments were correctly included in the story and added perspective to it — a positive experience for me as well as the journalist (I assume).”

Bioengineer, after being quoted on WVUE Fox 8 New Orleans

"I don’t think I would have EVER found [this expert] if not for SciLine! I was asking for such a specific expert and I’m so shocked — and grateful — SciLine could help me out on such a tight deadline. Thank you!"

Reporter, Honolulu Civil Beat

"My feedback is all positive. I strongly support this initiative … and think it is much-needed and has been for some time. … It's been fun, and I hope to continue to connect with more reporters."

Marine biologist, after being quoted in National Geographic

"Thanks as always for all your help! As a local public health reporter I never expected to write about clinical research trials, so having SciLine as a resource to turn to continues to be such a relief throughout this pandemic."

Reporter, Victoria (Texas) Advocate