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Registering with SciLine means adding yourself to our database of Ph.D.-level experts willing to share their expertise with the media. We may get in touch with you when a journalist needs someone with your expertise for a story, when we’re recruiting speakers for our Media Briefings or Experts on Camera, when we’re seeking reviewers for our Quick Facts, or when we have Media Training opportunities available. We don’t post any information from our database publicly and will always check with you first before sharing your contact information with a reporter seeking someone with your expertise.

Commitment to diversity

SciLine strives to increase the diversity of scientific voices, stories, and perspectives in the news. We encourage experts from across all disciplines of science and a variety of backgrounds – including gender identity, race and ethnicity, geographic location, level of postgraduate seniority, and other factors – to engage with the media by working with SciLine.

Advice for scientists speaking to reporters

We’ve published some practical tips that can help you communicate most effectively with the media.

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