Experts on Camera

SciLine regularly schedules scientific experts for windows of time during which reporters can sign up to conduct broadcast-quality one-on-one interviews. Neither the experts nor their institutions pay to be featured. SciLine independently identifies academic scientists with expertise in topics in the news and invites them to participate.

How Experts on Camera Works

We identify an articulate scientist with news-relevant expertise who can be available for interviews during a pre-arranged time window.

We invite journalists in our network to sign up for one-on-one, on-the-record interview slots with this expert.

We handle all the logistics, but the interview is entirely for you to direct and use in your reporting as you see fit.

We also conduct our own interview of each expert and make those clips broadly available to reporters and others unable to book a timeslot.

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How Scientists Participate as Experts on Camera

As we scan our database for scientists with news-relevant expertise, we may reach out to gauge your interest in setting aside a window of time for media interviews.

Once you confirm, we invite reporters to sign up for one-on-one interview slots within your window of availability.

We coordinate all logistics to make your experience seamless and offer a practice session to help you prepare.

Following your interviews, we track and share news clips so that you can see the result of your media engagement.