Media Briefings

SciLine’s live, on-the-record, web-based media briefings feature leading experts who bring journalists up to speed on science topics in the news.

What Media Briefings Offer Journalists

Media Briefings are a chance to hear from experts about the science underlying leading topics in the news.

Each briefing provides direct access to several experts via presentations and live, moderated Q&A.

All SciLine briefings are on the record, and you are encouraged to quote and use information from them in news stories.

Soon after each live event, we post a full video and transcript and make a downloadable video file available, so you can clip and quote in your story.

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How Scientists Participate in Media Briefings

Each of the two to four scientists invited to serve as media-briefing panelists makes a presentation of about five minutes. Panelists then engage in a live Q&A session with reporters, moderated by SciLine.

When selecting panelists, we turn to our network of Ph.D.-level scientists to identify candidates with appropriate expertise.

We are always seeking diverse voices to share their knowledge and insights with reporters via media briefings.

Ahead of our events we hold a practice session with each panelist to share tips, test technology, and help them prepare.