COVID-19 resources for reporters

Science-based resources for journalists covering COVID-19, including downloadable video, quotes from experts, and an infographic on cases and deaths by county and state you can easily embed on your site.

To help reporters cover the pandemic, SciLine…

Need to talk to an expert on an aspect of the pandemic?

SciLine’s free Expert Matching service connects reporters with deeply knowledgeable scientist-sources. If you are writing a story about COVID-19 and have a science question for an expert, we can connect you on deadline.

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Advice for Local Reporters

SciLine has distilled nine practical tips that local reporters can use to strengthen their coverage of the pandemic.

More Credible Resources

In an intense and fast-changing news landscape, it’s important to know where to find reliable sources of information. SciLine has compiled a set of links to other groups’ COVID-related tools, tips, and information resources that reporters can trust.