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Dr. Anne Nolin: Snow and wildfires

Dr. Anne Nolin, from the University of Nevada, Reno, will be available for interviews. This opportunity is being rescheduled—more details available soon.

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This Experts on Camera opportunity is being rescheduled for a future date. Details to come soon.

Interview opportunity available:

The relationships between snowfall and wildfires are complex. Decreases in winter snowpack (fueled by climate change) can increase the prevalence of wildfires—and wildfire-related changes in the landscape can, in turn, alter the next season’s snow melt timing and water availability.

Available expert:

Dr. Anne Nolin is a professor of geography at the University of Nevada, Reno. She can discuss topics including:

  • What the current evidence shows about climate change and trends in U.S. mountain snowpack;
  • How each year’s snowpack affects water runoff and wildfire risk in the surrounding areas;
  • How wildfires influence subsequent snow melt and nearby water systems; and
  • Trends that show the impacts of climate change on snow-wildfire interactions over years.

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