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Dr. Nicholas Reed: Over-the-counter hearing aids

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Expert on Camera:

May is Better Hearing Month—and after a recent federal rule change, hearing aids can now be purchased over the counter.

On Wednesday, May 17, 2023, SciLine interviewed:

Dr. Nicholas Reed is an audiologist and assistant professor of epidemiology at Johns Hopkins University. He discussed topics including:

  • Risk factors for hearing loss;
  • Statistics on hearing loss, including the prevalence of hearing loss and hearing aid use;
  • Access and affordability barriers to hearing care;
  • Health (e.g., dementia, physical function, cognitive decline) and social (e.g., loneliness, social isolation, quality of life) problems associated with untreated hearing loss, particularly among older adults;
  • The current science on the benefits of treating hearing loss;
  • Who can benefit from over-the-counter hearing aids—and what first-time buyers should consider before making a purchase; and
  • Recent policy initiatives to include coverage of hearing care under Medicare.

Declared interests:

Dr. Nicholas Reed receives grant funding from the NIH and is an advisory board member of Neosensory.

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