Boot Camps

SciLine hosts periodic, in-person science “Boot Camps” for reporters featuring presentations, discussions, and field trips led by experts from across the nation. These all-expenses-paid, multi-day workshops arm journalists with knowledge and context relevant to science topics in the news.

How Boot Camps Help Journalists

Experts teach the science basics behind newsworthy issues in presentations designed specifically for reporters.

Outside-the-classroom learning experiences provide real-world context for the concepts being taught.

Roundtables and panel discussions with experts serve as open forums for on-the-record Q&A.

Co-attendance by peers covering similar beats creates opportunities to network and build relationships.

How Scientists Take Part in Boot Camps

SciLine convenes reporters from across the country for two to three days of learning about a science-based issue in the news.

We invite experts to serve as faculty, presenting on the scientific evidence and research directions important to journalistic coverage.

Invited faculty engage in on-the-record Q&A sessions with participating reporters.

Faculty and participating journalists forge connections that may lead to future interviews and news stories.