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Dr. Patricia Mokhtarian: Commuting after COVID

Reporters can request footage of SciLine’s interview with Dr. Mokhtarian for use in their stories.

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What are Experts on Camera?

Expert on Camera:

On May 6, SciLine interviewed Dr. Patricia Mokhtarian, a professor of civil & environmental engineering at Georgia Tech. She studies the impact of telecommunications technology on travel behavior. She spoke about topics including:

  • What, if anything, the past history of teleworking can teach about the post-COVID future of teleworking.
  • Whether, for industries that turned to telework during the pandemic, work-from-home is here to stay;
  • The effects that telework trends might have on where people live and how they commute; and
  • Potential environmental impacts of increased adoption of telework.


Remote work has become standard in certain industries during the pandemic.

Recent media examples:

Dr. Mokhtarian was interviewed by Scientific American about the relationship between telecommuting and climate change, and spoke to Slate about the possibility that telework could lead to more (rather than less) driving.

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