What the Science Says

SciLine fact sheets are evidence-based, factual summaries of newsworthy scientific issues, designed to be quickly and easily scanned by journalists and others. Each has been reviewed by multiple outside experts, so selected points of information can be included in news stories with confidence. SciLine fact sheets do not aim to support or oppose specific policy positions or proposals.

Issues Explained

“Issues Explained” are deeply researched, clear summaries of science-related topics in the news, produced by SciLine. They include listings of additional resources, curated for their clarity and scientific trustworthiness, for those wishing to pursue these topics further.


Quick Facts for Any Story

“Quick Facts for Any Story” are hyper-condensed sources of essential, research-verified facts that can reliably be included in virtually any topically relevant story. Quick Facts are produced collaboratively by editors at Climate Communication and SciLine and are focused initially on climate-related issues.