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Dr. Kara Kockelman: The future of motorized travel

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What are Experts on Camera?

Expert on Camera:

On May 5, SciLine interviewed Dr. Kara Kockelman, a professor of transportation engineering at the University of Texas at Austin. She studies the impacts of transportation policies and technology on the environment, public safety, the economy, and people’s choices about where to live and how to get around. She spoke about topics including:

  • The readiness of the electric grid for more electric vehicles;
  • Potential impacts of self-driving vehicles on cities and states; and
  • The re-emergence of ride-sharing and public transportation systems as the pandemic recedes, and how these modes of transit might change.


The Biden administration’s infrastructure proposal has put a spotlight on electric vehicles, while the easing of the pandemic has focused attention on how exactly people will travel now, after a year of staying home.

Recent media examples:

Dr. Kockelman spoke on a Science Friday segment called “Steering Toward Greener Transportation,” spoke to KUT Austin about electric vehicle use in a city that promotes them (Austin) in a state that does not (Texas), and spoke to Grist about rethinking travel in the post-pandemic world.

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